Post Delivery Must Haves

I feel like the whole labor/delivery process is very overlooked and over judged. I have (thankfully) never had to endure a c-section delivery but I have given birth four times vaginally. Being in a hospital for over a week between four deliveries has taught me a LOT of things. Things like…

                                                   BRING YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER
rolls of tp

Probably going to be the most overlooked thing to actually bring with you to a hospital. Go put it in your hospital bag, have this READY to go. Think about it, you are going to have a tiny screaming human exit the same area you will HAVE to use not long after. The desire to use single ply, almost see through toilet paper is likely going to be nonexistent.


If you’ve ever had a tear from one end to the other you would know these things are absolutely the best thing since..ever. Ask your nurses post delivery if you’ve got the burn going on, or pack a container of Tucks with you before you go. There is a method to using these bad boys for me too. I’ll be sure to include that in the end of the post.



This can basically tells you why you want it, it cools the burn…which you will have. A lot of. Ask your nurse, they’ll bring you some…and say thank you a million times over because those nurses are absolutely amazing.

                                                              PERI BOTTLE

Peri Bottle BIG

Keep this vagina soothing master around your toilet/sink. Use REALLY warm water and fill it up BEFORE you sit down to pee. REMEMBER that part, fill it..then sit down.
The combination of the peri bottle, tucks and dermoplast is sure to help your potty visits be a lot less hell fire vagina and a little more kicked in the lady parts vagina. You can spray the peri bottle while you tinkle to try to give a little more relief or just endure the pee and go straight for the getting relief.

My method is to go in, fill the bottle, pee, rinse (use the whole bottle full), pat with a witch hazel pad, pat with that nice fluffy toilet paper, spray the dermoplast put a tuck on the industrial sized maxi pad and waddle away like a sad puppy. It keeps me up and moving, not afraid to go to the bathroom because I know how to make the burn stop after a few quick seconds..easy peasy.

                                                            FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOOD

I cannot emphasize enough here, pack a bag of munchies. The last thing you want is to deliver in between hospital meal times, to send your guest out or to just be hungry. Pack food…sit that crap in the corner while you labor and after you deliver dive into it like the raging hungry beast you will be.

Those are the things I would suggest POST delivery…things to bring for during delivery are even more fun!

Little Poppy Co Subscription Review

Little Poppy Co is a subscription box service offering the choice of a monthly delivery of clip style bows or nylon headbands. The cost is $11.99 per month and an extra $3.50 for shipping. Save half off of your first month with code WHITNEY at checkout! You can start your order HERE. On to the review!


Look at that face! I decided to go with the nylon headband subscription and I do not regret that! These are stretchy enough to accommodate both of my daughters..even with their four year age gap. They’re soft enough to where I don’t feel like I’m punishing my little one by trying to accessorize, but they still stay in place. It’s like wonderful magic! They’re super simple, durable and could easily go with any season or outfit. Definitely a new staple in my girl’s wardrobes!

Little Poppy Co does sent new styles every month and they change with the season and holidays so you’re not just getting the same old boring thing month to month. They offer previews too, but avoid the site if you want to be surprised by what you get after you place your o

I’m trying the clips next month and can’t wait to see how those turn out!

Newborn Must Haves- Round 1!

After four babies you learn things…things like which products are useful, trendy, overpriced and unnecessary or just plain goofy. The goal today is to avoid all things pointless and point anyone in the direction for things I myself find useful and have used with more than one baby. First up…

Easy Swaddles!

Seriously, these things rock. Even after those four wonderful babies I couldn’t swaddle to save my life. Don’t ask, I can’t do it. Aden and Anais swaddlers found HERE happen to be my favorite. The material has been light enough for a summer baby to remain moderate temperature but also kept the winter babies warm enough. They basically rock. They’re about $20-$25, have super easy to open and close buttons and they come in a ton of adorable designs. All around winner.


Words cannot express the gratitude for the several companies that create and sell these wonderful drops of liquid sanity. The brand really doesn’t matter, we’ve used them all and they have all worked just as well as the other. They’re fairly inexpensive especially considering the breath of relief they provide to a new mommy. The last thing you want is a gassy baby and to NOT have these on hand. Buy them, store them..hope you never have to use them but have them just in case.

Baby’s First Brush!

Oddly enough the BEST brush I have ever had for the babies has been the one sent home from the hospital. It works through tangles of a 1 year old, and wards cradle cap off of the younger love bugs. It’s great for keeping things clean and smooth in the scalp area..and it’s free. Take it home with you, use it…trust me.

on that same note…


We have went through so many nose suckers it’s hard to imagine…but none compare to this magical creation. The snot sucker 5.0 they enlist under you as mommy at the hospital is by far the best. Other store bought nose hoses or whatever you call them are downright wrist breakers and finger tweakers when it comes to squeezing the bulb. Ever had a squirmy, sick, and snotty baby on your lap while you try to suck out the rogue snot monsters? It’s incredibly unpleasant and almost impossible. The hospital issued snot whisperer is easy to squeeze making it a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

So there ya have it folks-a 23 year old, mom of nearly fives must have baby products ROUND ONE. There will be another post similar to this written better when I’m not half asleep and incapable of thinking things through..but until then….

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